Academics at White Mountain

Our Curriculum: Beyond Basic College Preparation

At the White Mountain School, we believe that education should do more than simply inform; it should inspire. Consequently, our courses go beyond basic college preparation, extending beyond the classroom and into the world around us.

In addition to engaging with our standard traditional course options, which range from English and Mathematics to the Arts and Sustainability Studies, our students are able to master Spanish on our annual international service trip, practice forest stewardship while helping to maintain our 240-acre campus property and learn to measure slopes in advanced algebra while designing their own trail projects. Taught by a skilled staff body, each member of which strives to motivate, mentor and challenge their students, our academic program balances rigor and relevance to prepare all those enrolled for success in their chosen disciplines.

Field Courses at The White Mountain School in the USA

Our Field Courses: Learning Beyond the Classroom

“I love our Field Courses. They are personal and experiential. We travel long distances together, do community service together, write plays together, climb together, or even meditate together. When the relationships are genuine and the work is genuine, students’ desire for success is also genuine. Lessons and feedback are more than just assignments and grades; they become tools for pursuing success as individuals and as a group.” - HIAPO EMMONS-SHAW, History Department Chair

At The White Mountain School, we believe that learning should not be limited to the classroom. Our Field Courses demonstrate our commitment to facilitating education that can take place at any time, in any location.

Students at The White Mountain School are encouraged to immerse themselves in these week-long, off-campus courses which run every semester and allow in-depth academic exploration of specific topics in stimulating new settings. Each Field Course provides students with a unique opportunity to explore and develop interests and passions beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. Recent Field Courses have covered topics as diverse as Avalanche Forecasting, Buddhism and Visual and Performing Arts.


Our LASR Program: Designed to Develop Curiosity

At The White Mountain School, all students complete an independent project through our unique LASR program. LASR stands for Leadership, Arts, Service and Research; these four broad categories incorporate a wide range of projects which are available to each student. This program is our way of proving that passion matters. We want to kindle the spark that exists within each of our pupils and help them to develop and focus their fire.

The LASR program reflects our goal of helping students to develop not only their curiosity, but also their critical thinking and communication skills. All participants are encouraged to consider the learning process not by engaging with topics provided by teachers, but by thinking about and questioning their own passions.

Through LASR, students develop the skills they require to succeed at college and throughout their professional careers. Besides actively participating in projects which have been designed to benefit society, students are required to submit their own original research and present their findings publicly to our community.