About Us

Study at the world-class White Mountain School

Students at The White Mountain School (WMS) in New Hampshire, USA, have access to an education like no other. Offering some of the most stimulating secondary school programs available worldwide, WMS is a dedicated to preparing and inspiring all those enrolled to lead lives of curiosity, courage and compassion within a college preparatory framework.

The White Mountain School Mountain Trip

Explore our Episcopal Heritage

As an Episcopal institution, The White Mountain School celebrates the unique talents of each individual. Proudly welcoming students of all faiths, we encourage those enrolled to improve their understanding of spirituality and to use such knowledge to further their academic and personal development.

While our formal practice of religion is modest, our informal practice is extensive; infinite respect and hospitality are central to all that takes place at The White Mountain School. Our Episcopal heritage inspires our commitment to both local and international community service, underpins our relationship with the natural world and is reflected in our respect for each student as an individual with unique skills and passions.

Stunning Mountain Setting

Around 75 years ago, The White Mountain School’s then-headmistress, “Aunt Dot” McLane decided to move the whole institution to the mountains. This decision represented a huge step forward for the School and had a wonderful effect not only on our programs but also on the way in which we operate and interact as a community.

Nestled among the mountains, staff and students alike are surrounded by things far greater than themselves and have the unique opportunity to explore more broadly, think more deeply and experience the diversity of life more whole-heartedly. Not only does our mountain setting encourage students to develop both humility and vision; it allows those enrolled to excel in unique outdoor sports offerings.

Students snowboarding, The White Mountain School

Unique Outdoor Education

Being a boarding school in New Hampshire has its advantages! Our location in the heart of the stunning White Mountains allows our Outdoor Education Department to further the mission of our School by enhancing students’ relationships with the natural, human, physical and spiritual environments that surround them. We equip students with the knowledge, skills and sensitivity they require to enjoy exciting yet safe outdoor experiences in a variety of settings, supporting each individual as they develop a lasting concern for the earth’s ecosystem and personal self-discovery.

We help students to achieve proficiency in ‘leave no trace’ practices, various modes of wilderness travel, first aid and other backcountry skills. Our Outdoor Education department also offers attendees various opportunities to assume leadership roles such as student leaders or student assistants through our Field Courses and sports programs.