"The Faculty’s passion and approachability allowed me to feel excited about learning and confident about asking for the things I needed. WMS helped me develop as a person interested in and capable of learning in new environments. Now I am not afraid to jump into things I want to learn about.” - Esthefania Rodriguez

Study at the world-class White Mountain School

Students at The White Mountain School, a co-educational college preparatory boarding and day school in New Hampshire, have access to an education like no other. Offering some of the most stimulating secondary school programs available worldwide, WMS is a dedicated to preparing and inspiring all those enrolled to lead lives of curiosity, courage and compassion within a college preparatory framework.

Aerial photograph of The White Mountain School in America

Comprehensive Curriculum

At The White Mountain School, we believe that true education should do more than simply inform; it should inspire. Consequently, our courses extend beyond the college preparatory curriculum to which they are aligned and engage with key global issues. Balancing intellectual rigour and relevance, our academic curriculum prepares students to excel not only at college but also throughout their professional and personal lives.

Here, students master Spanish while enjoying our annual international service trip, learn to measure slopes using advanced algebra while designing their own trail projects and hone their forest stewardship skills while helping to manage our 240-acre campus property. All such opportunities are made possible by our dedicated staff body, each member of which teaches at the School because they wish to share their lives and passions with young people.

Closely-knit Community

Home to a small, welcoming community of 125 students, The White Mountain School provides a friendly learning environment in which each individual can develop both personally and academically. The size of our student body allows teachers and students to forge deeper relationships than would be possible at a larger institution; no student is invisible, and each individual contributes to the wellbeing of the whole community.

Students from The White Mountain School on surfboards

College Preparation

As a leading college preparatory school, The White Mountain School offers a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum. We believe that taking a broad approach to understanding our global society and its interconnections is fundamental to students’ success both at college and throughout later life; consequently, our classes focus more on discussion than lectures so that students have the opportunity to explore ideas independently. The breadth and depth of our curriculum is rarely found in such a small school setting, and we strive to engage each individual by relating as many aspects of the curriculum to current affairs or personal interests as possible.